we are a group of 16-17 year old teens that came together to make this project.  everything you see and hear is made by us. 

Eventually, you come to face reality: you have died. The room that you find yourself in is encased completely by walls of bricks, which are made of what seems to be compressed dirt. Two doors, which seem to have been shaped from the Earth itself, protrude the eastern and southern walls. You struggle to remember what happened, and vibrant flashes of the past light up your mind: the vigorous squealing of car tires, an incredible wave of force followed by unbearable pain, the high-pitched screech of an ambulance, the ominous sound of a heartbeat monitor, slowly fading as it goes flat.

Beyond the doors, you hear an eerie chanting:

 “Another’s come, a new deceased,
Who’s dodged hell’s flames and heaven’s feasts.
Through limbo’s trial you shall fight,
Or live in fire or endless night.
For soon you’ll face a Taurus cry,
If you seek a fight with Gemini.”

we plan on releasing an update with a lot more content but for now here is what we made in the ten days for the CFN Game Jam #3

Development log

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